Vehicle Rentals for Holidays or That Special Occasion

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It’s not always fun driving your car when travelling to a holiday resort. Besides, why not consider spoiling yourself for once. SMH Car Hire does vehicle rentals for a holiday or that special occasion. Be in the vacation spirit and book one of the lovely luxurious vehicles that are readily serviced to take you to your destination, hassle free. Most of the vehicles are designed for your comfort and as well as safety. Why rent a car if it does not measure up to these standards?

SMH Car Hire has two divisions, one in Johannesburg and the other in Cape Town, South Africa. These branches are conveniently situated close to the airports, for easy travel, making it your dream vehicle hiring company if you are flying in from a different province. They have either long or short term rental contracts to suit your travel arrangements and affordability.

SMH Car Hire has a great experienced customer care unit to advise all travellers on the correct choices or options of the vehicle to rent. It is advised to get a recommendation from the best in the game or industry. All their vehicles are less than a year old and less than 30 thousand kilometres on the clock. They also provide pick-up and drop-off services to save you time, and a 24-hour manufacturer guaranteed roadside assistance. What an exclusive treatment!

This rental company also gives you an opportunity to explore foreign countries with their hired vehicles, such as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and more. For example, you would like to travel the countryside, some roads are not as well maintained as the city streets, and, therefore, a 4×4 Discovery, Evoque or Toyota Hilux would be ideal. SMH has off-road performers in their fleet. Be flexible and travel by the right car to any resort you can think of.

Most of the vehicle rental companies have a range of models to choose from that will compliment your trip, just like SMH Car hire. Hiring a vehicle for your trip will also give you the option to experiment with cars that you may not afford to own, thereby making it an unforgettable fun filled adventure. You can rent a Jaguar for a smooth on-road travel, to an exclusive venue or event. Or executive sports cars would be fabulous for weddings or business occasions. This incantations class!

South Africa has some exceptional tourist attractions in all the nine provinces. Some of these are Table Mountain, Cape Heidelberg in Cape Town, Kruger National Park, Makapansgat Valley in Limpopo just to name a few. So if you do not want to travel very far for some exploration, check out what is in your surrounding areas here: