Selfdrivetours South Africa is kneen to startup a social media management campaign

With our Social media site Advertising 101 Guide listed below, you could begin developing your very own social media marketing expert plan. Prior to you begin producing social media sites advertising and marketing campaigns, consider your organisation’ objectives. Beginning a social media sites advertising project without a social technique in mind resembles roaming via a woodland without a map– you’ll just end up shed.

Utilizing social networks for advertising and marketing could make it possible for small business wanting to further their reach to more customers. Your clients are communicating with brands through social media sites, for that reason, having a strong social media sites marketing plan as well as visibility online is the vital to tap into their interest. If carried out appropriately, marketing with social media sites could bring exceptional success to your company.

Develop a social media marketing strategy as well as brainstorm about your objectives: exactly what are you wanting to attain with social media advertising? Who is your target audience? Where would certainly your target audience socialize as well as exactly how would they utilize social networks? What message do you intend to send out to your target market with social media advertising and marketing?

Produce a social media sites marketing plan as well as brainstorm regarding your goals: just what are you wanting to attain through social media marketing? That is your target audience? Where would certainly your target audience hang out and also how would certainly they utilize social media? What message do you want to send out to your target market with social media advertising and marketing?

Social media advertising and marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that executes various social networks in order to accomplish advertising interaction as well as branding goals. Social media site advertising mostly covers tasks involving social sharing of material, videos, as well as pictures for advertising and marketing functions, as well as paid social media advertising and marketing.

We’ve developed this guide to provide you with the social media marketing tips and training you have to much better your company. We intend to give local business on brief budget plans an alternative to employing a social media advertising company or paying for social media advertising solutions.

Before you begin developing social media sites advertising projects, consider your company’ objectives. Starting a social media sites advertising and marketing campaign without a social technique in mind is like roaming with a forest without a map– you’ll just end up lost. Catch the Beat is best social media marketing in South Africa.

Self Drive tours analysis on compliance

With such plentiful discuss a lot of numerous types of conformity, it’s no surprise there’s a lot complication flowing around. Consider it: you’re being in a conference, as well as a person begins rattling off concerning a brand-new worker’s compensation regulation that simply passed.

Quickly you assume, “I’ll have to discover business conventional X as well as the upgraded regulative conventional Y, then alter the equivalent plans and also treatments, after that I’ll have to re-distribute the upgraded plan to our personnel to ensure we’ll remain in complete conformity.” After that you locate on your own questioning, “Why does there need to be different sorts of conformity to comply with? Exactly what’s truly the distinction?”

Do not stress. You’re not the just one asking yourself! Thankfully, there’s a good deal of info to highlight the reasons.

Initially, allow’s have a look at just how Merriam-Webster specifies the following:

Conformity (n.)– the act or procedure of conforming to a proposition, or routine; consistency in meeting main demands, such as a requirements, plan, criterion, or regulation

The list below interpretations make clear the resemblances and also distinctions.

Business conformity (n.)– consists of the regard of legal and also firm laws on legal as well as liable conduct by the firm, its staff members, as well as its administration as well as managerial bodies

Regulative conformity (n.)– explains the objective that firms or public firms desire in their initiatives to make certain that workers understand as well as take actions to abide by appropriate legislations as well as guidelines

As kept in mind over, regulative conformity remains in area to lead the way from a validity viewpoint, as well as to earn employees knowledgeable about all business guidelines. These criteria make sure workers are sticking to the overarching objectives developed by your company, while additionally complying with the regulations as well as terms stated by the regional, state, as well as nationwide federal governments.

Company conformity refers clearly to the promoting of your firm’s personality and also the methods workers are anticipated to act. The end result certainly influences the success of both the people as well as the company overall. Generally, this is a type of interior upkeep to make sure somebody within your company is maintaining a careful eye on the general adherence to firm plans, relevant regulations, and so on

. A company conformity program is not a location that could pay for to be a second thought, or doing not have completely. The program ought to be well intended and also applied, with corresponding training programs to assure workers are experienceded in all locations of conformity.

It’s additionally vital to painting a really vibrant image of your company’s duties and also obligations, from the upkeep designer to the Chief Executive Officer. Without a clear image of the wanted company construct, companies unlock to possibly raised threat, improper habits, raised responsibility, as well as unruliness.

– Treatments– determine the techniques as well as suggests to adhering to well established plans
– Specifications– detail just how jobs ought to be finished
– Legislations– lawful components that cover all relevant regulations that need to be complied with
– Goals– cover the objective or basic objectives of your company
– Assumptions– sum up exactly how employees need to perform themselves in the work environment
– Responsibilities– cover the strategies employees have to take

In conclusion, regulative as well as business conformity are allies, and also it’s vital that they sustain each other. These 2 programs advertise honesty and also values in the office, by covering all lawful as well as honest bases. Although it could appear a little bit complex initially, if you resolve every one of the abovementioned elements, you’ll have the ability to construct all the items of a reliable company conformity problem easily as well as in a snap. Government compliance training in Africa is a vital need, a compliance function in every government department is essential.

Selfdrive Tours Shares Transport Startup Ideas

In Start Your very own Transportation Service, the Personnel of Entrepreneur Media describes how you could introduce a successful transportation company, whether you intend to start a long-haul operation or an in-town solution In this modified passage, the authors quickly review 12 ways you could get going in the transportation industry.

The adhering to stand for much of the possible types of transportation companies you could choose to begin. All of it depends upon what your personal interest is as well as what skills you want to utilize in your business.

1. Taxi solution.

Despite its first dispute and also cases of unfair competition, Uber has actually laid its insurance claim throughout the globe– in fact, in 400 cities and also 65 nations. Uber’s attraction as a small-business chance is that you’re an independent service provider as well as on your own routine. To sign up as a chauffeur, beginning by mosting likely to Uber’s internet site, and click the “End up being a Chauffeur” button. A brief questionnaire initiates the procedure.

As a driver, you use your own lorry, so startup expenses are fairly reduced. Uber manages all the monetary aspects of the flight. Repayment to the driver is on an once a week basis. As independent specialists, chauffeurs handle above prices (gas, maintenance, insurance coverage, and so on) themselves. Financial analytics internet site SherpaShare claims Uber vehicle drivers anywhere (except New york city City where rates are highest) make in the range of $8.80 to $11 each hour gross before Uber’s percentage is taken.

2. Bike service

Renting out bicycles is a thriving business in particular areas. Both vital settings where renting bikes is a natural are in entertainment tourist areas as well as cities. In tourist locations, you might want to set up near a large resort or resort where prolonged vacations stays develop prepared consumers. In this sort of business, you’re going to need a store as well as a space to store all your rental bikes.

An additional possibility for bicycle leasings is a bicycle-sharing technique like Hubway in Boston. Bicycle loafs the city enable bikers to lease a bike in one area, flight to their area, and also go down the bike at a stand near their destination. Hubway supplies annual or regular monthly membership or daily passes. Possibly your town is ready for a small variation of this business.

3. Limo service

You might give limo solution to stars or to regular individuals. We’ll focus below on the “regular individuals” limo service.

Whenever anybody is entrusting you to drive them, a tidy credibility is very important. However when it comes to the personal limousine company, generally you’ll be driving a group of people that typically aren’t focusing on where you’re going or how you’re driving yet are enjoying the ride. The driver should be supremely credible, and the car needs to be risk-free and well -kept.

You could operate the limo yourself, as well as your fleet of one limo will be relatively very easy to keep. You can provide all the company yourself, from organizing to driving. If you intend to expand, just include vehicles and vehicle drivers, and also maintain broadening your marketing to keep company moving.

4. Owner/Operator trucking

Although international trucking, including to Canada as well as Mexico, is a huge industry of the trucking sector, we’ll focus here on trucking within the USA. The fundamental layout of the trucking company is to bid on as well as fulfill agreements. According to the SBA, there are two standard types of operating, with the essential difference being how you get chauffeurs to satisfy those contracts (or accounts if you agreement to do every one of the trucking for a company):.

1. Subcontract drivers.

Chauffeurs, in this situation, are independent contractors that likely possess their very own equipment. You’ll invest your time on 2 key sychronisation pieces– getting the contracts and also accounts with the producers who require goods carried and then hiring vehicle drivers that could fulfill those contracts on time. The benefit is reduced prices– independent contractors not only generally have their very own vehicles that they preserve themselves but they guarantee them as well as themselves as well. Insurance coverage is a significant expense consider the transport company, so plainly this is a cost savings. Nonetheless, you’ll likewise be paying them a greater fee than if you were paying your very own drivers, which cuts right into earnings. The actual trade right here might be in less migraines– as long as you feel confident of the motorists you hire.

2. Privately “had” motorists. In this situation, you own the trucks and also the vehicle drivers work for you. You have overall control and also maintain all revenue– and you pay all the expenditures of workers and tools, which indicates greater start-up in addition to higher operating costs. While your vehicle drivers will go to your company for the accounts and also agreements you preserve, the pressure ferrets out have no down time because you’re paying for those drivers and those cars whether you’re using them or not.

If coordinating and also organizing is even more of your forte, you might locate that establishing your business utilizing got motorists is the best way to go. Or possibly a mix of both– a manageable variety of motorists and dimension of your very own fleet with a stable of contract drivers to get in touch with when you obtain more agreements than you can deal with.

5. Relocating van business.

Starting a small relocating company is relatively very easy– which additionally implies you have to bear in mind that you’ll likely be taking on university student who utilize a rented out box truck. Your ace card will be that you’ll establish as well as perform your business skillfully, maybe offering add-on companies such as area for momentary, in-between actions storage.

Start-up costs include buying several trucks in a range of sizes that will certainly suit the type of relocating you prepare to do. As well as, certainly, you’ll need a location to park them.

You’ll require at least one employee– you cannot raise that couch alone! And you’ll should educate that worker for packaging, relocating procedures, consumer communications, ways to behave appropriately in a client’s residence, and so on, so your expert track record isn’t harmed.

6. Specialty transport.

Specializing in a specific kind of uncommon transportation– incredibly huge products such as airplane parts, or modular residences, or chilled perishables, blood, or human organs– can supply a healthy earnings. You’ll likely have fewer customers but could charge higher charges for the know-how you have or get from specializing. Depending on where you’re located (for example, a medical transportation business in midtown Boston where there are numerous large clinical facilities opposed to a town in southern Indiana) will certainly dictate whether you could do this business yourself or need employees.

7. Livestock transport.

Although you don’t need any kind of specific licenses for transferring personal steeds for consumers unless you get involved in commercial-size lorries that hold many animals, you will certainly require horse or bovine encounter for potential customers to trust your capability to carry their animals, and also you need to familiarize yourself with the animals transportation policies for crossing state lines.

Although the animals owner will be accountable for having their animal ready for transport to its last destination, you’ll need to know the animals regulations of any kind of state you’ll be going into. Most states have at the very least minimal requirements of specific infectious examinations (including a health and wellness examination) and/or vaccinations for entering their state.

Self Driving Car Brands on a steady rise

Self-driving vehicles are not an advanced concept. Business like Mercedes, BMW, and also Tesla have actually currently released, or are quickly to release, self-driving functions that give the automobile some capability to drive itself.

Technology business are likewise attempting to leader the self-driving car. Just recently, Google announced that it would certainly be evaluating its model of a driverless car on roadways this summer season in The golden state.

In a thorough report from BI Knowledge, we evaluate the self-driving automobile market by analyzing the current state of the self-driving automobile and provide an in-depth analysis for just how we see the self-driving vehicle proceeding over the next 5 years. Our extensive evaluation explains the economic influence that self-driving cars could have and also consider the current obstacles protecting against the self-driving car from involving market.

Here are a few of the essential takeaways from the record:

Self-driving cars are not some advanced vehicle innovation; as a matter of fact there are already automobiles with self-driving attributes when traveling. We define the self-driving auto as any kind of auto with features that enable it to speed up, brake, as well as guide an automobile’s course with limited or no motorist interaction.

We divide the self-driving vehicle into two various kinds: semi-autonomous as well as fully independent. A totally autonomous vehicle could drive from point A to factor B as well as run into the whole range of on-road circumstances without requiring any type of interaction from the driver. These will debut in 2019.

By the end of the projection period, we expect there will be almost 10 million vehicles with one of our specified self-driving auto functions.
Completely self-governing autos are more divided right into user-operated and driverless cars. Due to regulatory as well as insurance policy questions, user-operated completely autonomous autos will involve market within the next 5 years, while driverless cars will stay a long ways off.

The biggest advantages of self-driving cars are that they will certainly help to make roads much safer and also individuals’s lives simpler. In the UK, KPMG approximates that self-driving cars will cause 2,500 less fatalities in between 2014 and 2030. Yet the obstacles to self-driving vehicles remain substantial. Expenses should come down and laws have to be cleared up around certain self-driving vehicle attributes prior to the cars totally take off amongst traditional consumers.

Best Place to travel in Africa

Regardless of its distance to Europe– merely 8.5 miles separate Tariff in Spain from the Moroccan shore– Africa is much less popular with British and also European visitors compared to distant lands in the United States, Latin America as well as Australasia. However the continent is huge as well as there are many amazing as well as exhilarating nations where tourism is easy and as safe as in any of the much more noticeable, mass-tourism locations.

The island chain of Cabo Verde is the assuming traveller’s Canaries. The bone-white, empty beaches, rising volcanoes and rich exotic vegetation on these ten islands were maintained a trick for years (although Cabo Verde always attracted a couple of Portuguese holidaymakers, many thanks to the colonial connection), but now the year-round sun and also one-of-a-kind blend of African, Portuguese and also Brazilian societies is even drawing in bundle tourists.

The island chain– 10 islands and also 8 islets– is located 604 kilometres off the coastline of West Africa. Check out Sal, popular for its 350 days of sunshine, among one of the most popular resort centers thanks to the beautiful coastlines of Santa Maria; on Boa Vista you could climb up stunning dunes as well as dive to see aquatic turtles, as well as check out the ‘exotic Lisbon’ of Sal Rei, with its patched roads. Santo Antão is creating country tourist, wonderful if you intend to satisfy locals and get away from the coastlines. Santiago, in the leeward island chain to the south, is very well referred to as the island where Darwin made landfall during his impressive Beagle trip.

Fes has a terrific, labyrinthine middle ages souk and, being far less touristy than Marrakech, is often described as the ‘real Morocco’. The city is famous for its Arabesque style, as well as the city’s medina of Worn out Fes (Fes el Bali), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is thought to be the world’s largest adjoining car-free city area. You’ll most likely want to get behind those remarkable Arabesque façades: the current conversion of many of the smarter conventional houses (riads) right into hotels suggests you can recharge your batteries in lavish convenience before going out right into the try of individuals, products and overloaded donkeys thronging the center.

You could see gorillas in the haze, hippos surfing the waves and also whales in the very same day on a vacation to Gabon. This tiny West African country on the Gulf of Guinea is blessed with some of one of the most varied tropical woodland around the world– ancient jungles straddling the equator that are thought to consist of more than 8,000 plant species, 600 various types of bird and also 20 species of primate. Outsiders and also citizens really hope Gabon will certainly end up being the ‘Costa Rica of Africa’, enticing wild animals and experience vacationers to its 13 new national parks: some 85 per cent of the country is covered in tropical woodland, and away from minority tiny populace hubs are savannahs, mangroves, shallows as well as coastlines. There are thought to have to do with 20,000 western lowland gorillas as well as 60,000 forest elephants– the largest population in Africa.

The Gambia is an excellent destination for a winter-sun holiday, and is good worth for money. The nation’s small dimension and also the kindness of its people are solid attracts, as well as visitors could choose in between an euphoric do-nothing-at-all beach vacation as well as discovering the society. There are several tribes– the major ones are Mandinka, Wolof, Fula and Jola– and also it prevails to receive an invite to see a Gambian negotiation or ‘substance’.

United States president Obama chose Ghana in July 2009 as the very first African country deserving of a governmental go to, applauding its democratic traditions considering that self-reliance in 1957. Accra, the capital, is dynamic, opening to the songs of Highlife and also the a lot more current hip-hop blend Hiplife; it’s more contemporary compared to many individuals expect (Time Out also releases a Visitors Quick guide there). The interior is diverse and optimal for voluntourists as well as experience travellers: visit Ho and also its video game park to see kobs, duikers as well as baboons, go hill biking to the villages of Biakpa and Amedzofe, and also hike via the Kulugu canyons to the Hill Heaven ecolodge (

Hot spots to visit in Durban

Coffee shops line an area of the arena base; away, as well, you could employ a bike or stroll to the beachfront on the pedestrian boardwalk.

Split right into locations consisting of Sea Globe and also Damp ‘n’ Wild, uShaka Marine Globe flaunts among the biggest fish tanks worldwide, the most significant compilation of sharks in the southerly hemisphere, a seal arena, a dolphinarium, aquatic wildlives as well as shows, a mock-up 1940s cleaner wreckage including 2 elegant dining establishments, a shopping center, as well as sufficient freshwater trips to create you seasick.

This study institute is devoted to examining sharks, particularly in regard to their threat to human beings. There are audiovisual discussions as well as shark breakdowns at 9am and also 2pm Tuesday, Wednesday as well as Thursday. The Natal Sharks Board is signposted; it has to do with 2km from community, up high Umhlanga Rocks Dr (the M12 bring about the N3).

Maydon Dock, which leaves the southwestern side of the harbour and also south of Margaret Mncadi Ave, is the home of the Sugar Terminal, which provides an idea right into the sugar profession. The profession was the foundation of Durban’s very early economic climate.

This pretentious Victorian monolith on the embankment, simply eastern of Stalwart Simelane St, existed by the Portuguese federal government in 1897 to note the 400th wedding anniversary of Vasco da Gama’s discovery of Natal.

Under Town hall’s remarkable dome is this gallery with a little yet intriguing compilation of South African art works, consisting of paints, multimedias and also porcelains. It likewise has short-term and also revolving exhibits.

The general public could likewise go along with Sharks Board workers on their boat trips from Durban.

Durbanites boast of their cutting edge arena, created for the 2010 Globe Mug. Looking like a gigantic basket, it sittings 56,000 individuals, and also its arc was motivated by the ‘Y’ in the nation’s flag. Site visitors could direct to the arc in a SkyCar, expand walking (550 ways) on a Journey Stroll or dive off the 106m arc on the huge Huge Swing. All alternatives supply bird’s-eye views of Durban.

A 2000-sq-m yard showcasing among the rarest cycads (Encephalartos woodii), in addition to several varieties of bromeliad, this is a charming location to stray. On weekend breaks wedding celebrations galore posture with their flowers for digital photographers. The yards play host to a yearly show collection including the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Band as well as various other shows.

The biggest mosque in the southerly hemisphere; phone call in advance for a directed excursion. Alongside the mosque in between Dr ABDOMINAL Xuma St as well as Sanctuary Rd, and also near the Catholic Emmanuel Basilica, is the 1927 Madrassa Game, a bazaar-like buying room with a definitely Indian flavour.

Organizing Your Vacations: Travelling

Heading on a summer season trip can be thrilling but prior to you are equipped to enjoy your holiday, you will need to entirely get ready. Numerous people today like to leave preparing until eventually the final minute, but if you want to have a holiday break as worry no cost as achievable, then it is critical that you get ready anything such as journey beforehand.

Travelling to Your Selected Desired destination

When it arrives to travelling to your holiday rental, there are a number of ways in which you can do it. Each distinct system of transportation has its possess pros and down sides so it is vital to maintain all of individuals in thoughts when you occur to finally make your mind up which variety of transportation you are going to use. For a lot of individuals, travelling by car is the easiest and least expensive way to journey. Lots of households fortunately set off on their summer time holidays in their auto having said that it can be reasonably ten. Air journey is really popular and it is what most people choose to use. You can select from a large amount of flights and it doesn’t get as extensive as travelling by car.\

Having said that, you will nonetheless need to think about a few tings before you guide your flight. The first is if you have a toddler then you will require to look at no matter if the plane will have a switching home facility. Normally the bogs in planes are far too little to transform a little one in and that is a little something that does need specified thing to consider. Also you will require to choose some type of entertainment for your young children so that they do not come to be bored on the flight. You might be in a position to get reductions on flights if you obtain your tickets on line. Also you may well be able to preserve revenue off accommodation and routines way too as some airlines are in partnership with well known resorts.

Overall travelling by air and by car or truck are the two main forms of transportation that individuals like to use when heading on vacation. There are pros and shortcomings to equally so it is worthy of seeking at them the two in detail to see which choice would be much better for you.

Vehicle Rentals for Holidays or That Special Occasion

SMH Car Hire Services
Vehicle Rental Services

It’s not always fun driving your car when travelling to a holiday resort. Besides, why not consider spoiling yourself for once. SMH Car Hire does vehicle rentals for a holiday or that special occasion. Be in the vacation spirit and book one of the lovely luxurious vehicles that are readily serviced to take you to your destination, hassle free. Most of the vehicles are designed for your comfort and as well as safety. Why rent a car if it does not measure up to these standards?

SMH Car Hire has two divisions, one in Johannesburg and the other in Cape Town, South Africa. These branches are conveniently situated close to the airports, for easy travel, making it your dream vehicle hiring company if you are flying in from a different province. They have either long or short term rental contracts to suit your travel arrangements and affordability.

SMH Car Hire has a great experienced customer care unit to advise all travellers on the correct choices or options of the vehicle to rent. It is advised to get a recommendation from the best in the game or industry. All their vehicles are less than a year old and less than 30 thousand kilometres on the clock. They also provide pick-up and drop-off services to save you time, and a 24-hour manufacturer guaranteed roadside assistance. What an exclusive treatment!

This rental company also gives you an opportunity to explore foreign countries with their hired vehicles, such as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and more. For example, you would like to travel the countryside, some roads are not as well maintained as the city streets, and, therefore, a 4×4 Discovery, Evoque or Toyota Hilux would be ideal. SMH has off-road performers in their fleet. Be flexible and travel by the right car to any resort you can think of.

Most of the vehicle rental companies have a range of models to choose from that will compliment your trip, just like SMH Car hire. Hiring a vehicle for your trip will also give you the option to experiment with cars that you may not afford to own, thereby making it an unforgettable fun filled adventure. You can rent a Jaguar for a smooth on-road travel, to an exclusive venue or event. Or executive sports cars would be fabulous for weddings or business occasions. This incantations class!

South Africa has some exceptional tourist attractions in all the nine provinces. Some of these are Table Mountain, Cape Heidelberg in Cape Town, Kruger National Park, Makapansgat Valley in Limpopo just to name a few. So if you do not want to travel very far for some exploration, check out what is in your surrounding areas here:

Get A world class Massage

Getting a massage in london in  is something that is something you’ll want to repeat over and over. What is your goal in getting massage? Is it to completely relax with a slow, soothing massage, relieve muscular pain and chronic tension, have a more comfortable pregnancy.

Or improve your sports performance Massage Therapists in London can help you achieve your goals. In fact there are several types of Massage in london. The most commonly offered massage technique, tantric massage- is a form of erotic massage carried out within this “tradition.”

Tantric massage – is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person’s erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal. Massages have been used for medical purposes for a very long time, and their use for erotic purposes also has a long history. Body to body  massage combination of traditional and deep tissue techniques that calms your body.

A gentle therapeutic massage that stimulates the lymphatic system,

You might even want to try a special treat for Couples is best sensual tantriic massage in London where a couple can receive their massage together in the same massage room with two massage therapists. During the couples massage each member of the couple can choose to receive a different massage from that of their partner.

Or, for the true massage therapy enthusiast some Massage Establishments and Day Spas offer Four Hand Massage, or Massage where you can be massaged by two massage therapists at the same time.Tandem

So what’s stopping you from receiving the benefits of a great massage? Massage in St. Paul is relaxing, stress reducing, pain relieving, and performance improving so get one today.


Car Hire

Whilst Evergreen Excursions understands the convenience and relaxing nature of driver guided schedules, we also fully appreciate the need to offer an alternative service for those visitors who prefer to conduct their own independent itinerary on a self drive basis.

In order to fulfil this need we have formed a partnership with Europcar, an internationally recognised vehicle hire company, who have some of the most competitive rates currently on offer, together with 24 hour service and on the road assistance that only the infrastructure of a well established and organised company can offer. The fleet is both modern and extensive, with a choice of vehicles to suit all preferences and budgets, and the few pictures shown provide only an indication of what is available.

Car Hire – Self Bookings
Click here to rent a car online now!

Benefits include:

  • Delivery and pickup service
  • Pickup, Drop off points, and Full Back up services around South Africa
  • All Insurances, with no excess payment in event of accident damage
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Travellers Companion – comprehensive map book, roads, city streets, emergency contact numbers, agents support details.
  • Option of a FREE mobile phone (calls chargeable at normal rates)


Nelson Mandelas Childrens Fund
Europcar donates a percentage of each rental contract directly to this active and well administered welfare organisation, thereby demonstrating private enterprises commitment to the future development of South Africa through the only people who can truly build on the processes that have been started – the next generation!

Self drive tours

7 to 8 Days
For those with limited time available spend it exploring the beautifully situated “Mother City” of Cape Town. From the spectacular aerial views from the top of Table Mountain, to the equally impressive scenery around the Cape of Good Hope, and the viewpoints at Cape Point, there is plenty to occupy the time of the short stay visitor.Apart from the historic city itself, there are various opportunities to experience the kaleidescope of cultures that contribute to the vibrancy of the Cape. The original Bo Kaap muslim area, in the heart of the city, combined with a visit to Robben Island, and finishing off in the vibrant V&A Waterfront area , fills in a very diverse, and interesting day.Slightly further afield are the contrasting environments of the winelands, and the crop growing regions of the Overberg, where Cape Agulhas, the most southerly tip of Africa is within practical reach.

A day excursion through the Hex River Valley for a Big Game experience at the Aquila Private Game Reserve is also an option, whilst during July to November it is whale viewing season, with Hermanus, the world’s best land based whale viewing area, also being within easy reach of Cape Town.

Consider either using Cape Town as base for the complete visit, or enjoy some variation with a two centre holiday perhaps, whichever is your preference.

10 to 12 Days
Following the Cape Town experience extend your self drive of South Africa through the beautiful Garden Route. Head east to Mossel Bay, official start of the Garden Route, and spend a little time exploring this harbour town, which historically, reflects South Africa’s Portuguese influence. Perhaps also take the opportunity for one of the better Big Game experiences in the Western Cape, and either take a half day tour of Bottelierskop Private Game Reserve, or better still, really relax, and enjoy the ambience of it’s well appointed Bush Lodge.

Continue through to the heart of the Garden Route via the natural environment of the Lakes Wilderness region, which is an ideal stop over for the nature lovers, bird watchers, and ramblers. Possibly base for 3 nights in the quaint town of Knysna, ideally situated on South Africa’s second largest estuary, and perfect for exploring the Garden Route in more detail. The Featherbed Nature Reserve excursion is to Knysna, what Table Mountain is to Cape Town, and is a strongly recommended experience whilst in the area.

Just “next door” is the upmarket resort of Plettenberg Bay, which is well worth a visit, whilst slightly further afield, a day tour including the off the beaten track Natures Valley, and it’s magnificent beach, is also suggested. This could be carried out as part of a day out to the Tsitsikamma National Park, and a few hours at the rugged coastline surrounding Storms River Mouth, which is the eastern end of the Garden Route. Take in the worlds highest Bungi Jump at the Bloukrans River Bridge, either from the safety of the viewing points, or from the “wrong end” of one of it’s bungees !

Return to Cape Town via Outdshoorn, the Ostrich Capital of the world, and stop over whilst visiting one of the local farms, and visiting the interesting Cango Caves. If time permits, a most relaxing stop between Outdshoorn and Cape Town is the Avalon hot water mineral springs complex at Montagu, which can provide the opportunity to completely recharge the batteries before heading for home.

3 to 4 Days
An easy way to incorporate a genuine Big Game experience into a self drive itinerary of the Western Cape is to spend an additional few days in the malaria free areas just north of Port Elizabeth, where there are many Game Farms to suit all preferences, and budgets.

From the 5 star Shamwari Game Reserve, complete with its luxury accommodation, and all inclusive Game drives, to the nearby Addo Elephant National Park, where self driving in search of Big Game is easily undertaken, the choices are many and varied.

The real bonus of this area is from a self drive perspective is that the Eastern Cape can easily be part of that longer holiday, including both the Garden Route, and Cape Town.

12 to 15 Days

Stay a few days in Durban, and start getting to grips with the influence of the Indian culture in South Africa. Visit the famous Indian Market, and sample some of the “warmer” spices that cuisine in this part of the country can offer ! A visit to the lavish new Sea World complex is a must, and for those with a specific interest in Sharks, a tour of the nearby Sharks Board Research Centre at Uhmlanga Rocks can also be arranged.

A few days spent in the rustic town of St Lucia, situated on South Africa’s largest estuary is a worthwhile interlude. Well known for it’s Hippo, and Crocodile colonies, which are best viewed from the safety of an estuary cruise boat, a few hours in the company of a knowledgeable environmentalist is both interesting, and relaxing. There is also prolific bird life in the area for those with an interest in ornithology.

For a natural wildlife experience in this area a couple of days spent at one of the Rest Camps in the Umfolozi-Hluhluwe National Park is highly recommended, and could well be combined with one of the many private Reserves that are available along the “Elephant Coast”. For marine enthusiasts, there are excellent facilities available for snorkelling, scuba diving etc at venues such as Kosi Bay, and Sodwana Bay.

If military history should appeal in any way whatsoever, then Kwa Zulu Natal can provide some of South Africa’s most interesting, and well known Battle Field Sites. The Zulu, and Anglo Boer War battle sites such as Isandlawana, Rorkes Drift, Blood River, the Siege of Ladysmith, to name but a few, can all be visited during the course of well constructed few days schedule covering the respective areas. Mahatma Ghandi, and Winston Churchill are two of the worlds more distinguished leaders who also left some history changing events behind them, which are well documented in the region.

In total environmental contrast, a few days spent in the beautiful Drakensberg Mountain Region is a fitting finale to a tour of Kwa Zulu Natal. South Africa’s tallest mountain range possesses many fine resorts, quiet guest houses, and relaxing activities. Apart from being ideal walking territory, some of the best examples of Bushman Rock Art can be found in this region, whilst merely totally unwinding in the fresh mountain air is extremely invigorating. A highlight of the southern Drakensberg is a couple of nights stop over in order to experience the spectacular Sani Pass that crosses the border into Lesotho. Although not recommended as a self drive in itself, taking one of the local tour operators day trips to the top, inside Lesotho, is definitely worth doing, and you can also boast of having had lunch in Africa’s highest Pub !

8 to 10 Days

After perhaps spending a couple of days in the Johannesburg area, with visits to Gold Reef City, and Pretoria, including the Voortrekker Monument, and the Cullinan Diamond Mine, depart along the scenic route to Sabie, Mac Mac Falls, and past the now defunct gold prospecting diggings to the historic mining town of Pilgrims Rest. Stop over for a couple of nights to fully appreciate the ambience of days gone by.

Explore the “Panorama Route” via Robbers Pass, and Krugerpos to Lydenburg, and ascend the impressive Long Tom Pass, pausing to view a replica of the “firearm” after which it was named, and spend a couple of nights in the tranquil area of Hazyview. Take a day out to meander around the “Great Escarpment”, and the Lowveld Bushveld environment. Ascend the escarpment to Worlds End viewpoint, and continue via the Blyde River Canyon, Bourkes Luck Pot Holes, Gods Window, all of which complete a fascinating day in varying scenic environments

The internationally acclaimed Kruger National Park is close by, so spend 2 to 3 days in the Park, South Africa’s largest, searching for the Big 5. Over night in at least two of the many well appointed rest camps. A combination of two nights in one of the Parks Board complexes, with at least an additional night at one of the more luxurious private accommodation facilities, to really round off the experience.

A self drive of this region could either be done to and from Johannesburg, or alternatively by flying into and out of Nelspruit, which would eliminate the long drive to and from Johannesburg.


For the golfing enthusiasts a self drive golf schedule of South Africa, or to be practical, certain parts of it, can easily be constructed around either the regions mentioned above, or any combination of them, including the Sun City complex.

South Africa has some excellent golf courses, from well established Country Clubs to full service Golf Resorts that can certainly compete with their international counterparts. Fancourt in the Garden Route, Arabella near Hermanus, Zimbali in Kwa Zulu Natal, and of course the Sun City complex, host the Nedbank Challenge, or better known as the Million $ Challenge!

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    • Good roads, and sophisticated infrastructure.
    • Outside of the cities, extremely low, almost boring (!) traffic density.
    • Long distances covered easily, and quickly – but not too quick!
    • Safe as any sophisticated country on major routes, and local byways.